Paradelphia Radio: 124 Hexual Assault


The idea of witch hunts conjures up images of medieval European villages, mobs with torches and wild accusations from hysterical children in Salem, MA. What’s not often thought of is bucolic southeastern Pennsylvania farming communities but Shane Free’s film “Hex Hollow: Witchcraft and Murder in Pennsylvania” might change that.  Shane stops by this week to talk about his documentary that centers on the widespread use of pow-wowing, a form of German folk witchcraft, and the early 20th century murder of pow-wow practitioner Nelson Rehmeyer by three local youths who thought the man had cursed them. Paranews includes stories of a the man that couldn’t be murdered, strange signals from space, creepy clowns in South Carolina and more!

(You can also catch this week's guest, Shane Free doing his own podcast called Movies with Mom where he guessed it....his mother review a wide range of classic and contemporary films. Check out the link below in the show notes and look for Movies with Mom on iTunes/Google Play)





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