Paradelphia Radio: PartyNerdz-al Activity, Ep. 144

Paradelphia Radio: PartyNerdz-al Activity, Ep. 144

This week we do our first cross over episode with the gang from the PartyNerdz podcast. After bringing the spooky to their show (also LIVE on Wildfire Radio on Tuesday nights at 6:45pm) the Crew welcome 2 of the Nerdz, Darnell and Bravo, to stop by and talk about supernatural entertainment and relate some personal paranormal stories. Also this week we welcome back Don & Vicki Smeraldi, editors of Scary Monsters Magazine to talk about their recently released Issue #103 featuring a Battle of the Monster Makers, Kaiju Korner and an ode to a revered local horror host from the great state of Maine. Paranews includes stories of humans becoming Spiderman, the true story behind the movie “The Ring” and more!!

(FYI…..for anyone interesting in talking about everything from comic book superheroes to Star Wars to Game of Thrones to video gaming you absolutely NEED TO CHECK OUT THE PARTYNERDZ!! Just follow the link below in the show notes to their website then listen in to their show each Tuesday night at 6:45pm only on Wildfire Radio!!)

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