Paradelphia Radio: Tails From the Beyond, Ep. 152

Paradelphia Radio: Tails From the Beyond, Ep. 152


Our pets come into our lives, share our homes and fill our hearts. They’re always there to greet us with a warm wag of the tail, a wet nose, a soft purr, a squawk of recognition and in a hundred other ways. When they pass away we are left with a gigantic, grief filled hole in our world. But much like our human family, our furry friends aren’t gone forever. In fact, according to our guests this week they’re closer than you might think. Dinah Roseberry, paranormal investigator and author of “Psychic Pets: Solving Paranormal Mysteries” joins returning guest Barry Strohm to discuss animal reincarnation, Barry’s success reaching seemingly lost pets on his channeling board, and how with a little effort anyone can master the skill of animal communication. Barry Strohm also talks about a recent pet channeling session he did with host Rick Prewitt and his fiancée where they reached out and connected (here and on the other side) with many fuzzy family members.




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