Paradelphia Radio: Lethal Listing, Ep. 165

Paradelphia Radio: Lethal Listing, Ep. 165


Joining us this week hot off the premier of their latest collaboration called “The Listing” we have writer/director/producer Mario Cerrito and one of the stars of the film John DiRenzo. The Listing, Cerrito’s sophomore film project knocks it out of the park as it focuses on realtor Michael Mourer who is forced into the unenviable position of turning from family man into psychotic killer in order to save his child. In addition to discussing the movie, Mario and John talk about how each got their start in the film business and trust me when I say their stories are the epitome of dreams coming true!! During the latter part of the show we also get into talking about the joint JUMPS/Paradelphia paranormal investigation done last week at Mario Cerrito’s home and some very interesting findings in a creepy crawlspace. Paranews includes stories of a lost hero possibly found, the origins of the Boogeyman, some strange goings on in the country of India and more!!




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