Paradelphia Radio: Through the Looking Glass, Ep. 166

Paradelphia Radio: Through the Looking Glass, Ep. 166


There are special places in this world where the veil between the here and the “there” seems thinner somehow. Golden Lane Antiques just outside of Gettysburg, PA is just such a place. This past week Doug, Rick, Jennabee, Jean and Gavin traveled through Amish country to near one of the most sacred battlefield locations in U.S. history to investigate the antique shop for themselves using the latest in spirit communication technology. The shop, owned and operated by frequent guest author/medium Barry Strohm (“Spirits Speak of Conspiracies and Mysteries” among others) has been a hot spot for multiple “live in” spirits for years and features a cordoned off section of the basement dedicated specifically to otherworldly communication via a combination of antique mirrors, LCD TV’s and CCTV cameras. What the group found there was simply amazing and this week we welcome Barry Strohm back on the show to discuss the findings. Paranews includes tales of money problems at NASA, a recluse family in Russia and more!






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