Paradelphia Radio: Water World?, Ep. 167

Paradelphia Radio: Water World?, Ep. 167

Most everyone knows the story of Noah’s Flood, rain for 40 days & nights blanketing the world in a deep ocean grave, pairs of every animal on Earth saved for the purpose of repopulation when the waters recede. But did you know that almost every known culture on Earth has a variation on this myth? And given this fact, what does that do to the argument made by people like Bill Nye who claim the flood never happened, at least not in the way it’s described in the Bible? This week we explore different flood myths around the world from South America to China to medieval Europe and down through the ages and try to separate the wheat from the chaff. Paranews stories include a lunar anniversary, scary stories from the world of rock & roll and more! Also, this week we introduce Wildfire Radio’s newest sponsor, SeatGiant and speak with their Director of Operations Josh Matlow about the awesome perks available for Wildfire Radio listeners searching for sports/concert/event tickets! (Hint: use the promo code “wildfire” to save some extra bucks!)

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