Paradelphia Radio: Lost and Found, Ep. 205

Last appearing on the show just after New Year to do her annual early January listener call in show Jean Durkin dropped the mic and walked off......for 5 months. But, as a little girl staring into a snowy TV set once said.....SHE'S BAAAACK! (I took liberties with the line from the movie. Get over it.) Yes, Jean returns this week and promptly sidetracks the entire show with tales of dog crap covered Roomba's, psychic/medium schools and a possible real life Hogwarts-like facility in England where one can better learn to speak with those on the other side. In a much more somber note, this week also saw the passing of Tony DeVault, step-son to our own Mellie DeVault, occasional contributor to and constant fan of Paradelphia. We offer our deepest condolences and dedicate this weeks episode to him. God Speed and Rest Easy Tony.