Paradelphia Radio: Gone…But Not Forgotten, Ep. 212

Paradelphia Radio: Gone...But Not Forgotten, Ep. 212

A 22 year old man stabbed in front of over 300 witnesses, a South Jersey woman and her daughter inseparable in life now separated by the act of a possible serial murderer, an American dream senselessly cut short by a brutal attack in broad daylight. These are some of the cold case files you'll hear profiled on Gone Cold Philly podcast. This week the creators of that show, Tom Rickert and Kristen Johanson drop by to discuss the making of the podcast, some still lingering cold cases and how our listeners can help bring these fugitive killers to justice. (If anyone has any information on any case discussed in this episode or in any of the cases profiled on Gone Cold Philly please contact Tom (@teerick) or Kristen (@kristenjohanson) on Twitter or reach out to our show via social media on Facebook or Twitter (@paradelphia))