Paradelphia Radio: Spirits Speak to the Universe/Mirrored Men, Ep. 213

This week we have a good old fashioned creature double feature! First up, Derek Hayes, host of Monsters Among Us podcast and the man behind Cryptid Crate joins us to talk about the phenomenon he calls "mirrored men". Similar to many types of paranormal encounters like trolls, alien visitation and men in black, the mirrored men seem to be content to go about their business until, of course, you notice them. 

Our featured interview of the week is with Barry Strohm. Barry should be well known to anyone following the show as we have spoken to him many times about his talking board and unique ability to channel everything from historical figures to extraterrestrials. This time around Barry has some inside information on our universe at large and, believe it or not, some direct quotes channeled from Jesus Christ!