Paradelphia Radio: The Ghould Standard, Ep. 223

Falling leaves, cool breezes, back to school days, pumpkin spice......and monsters.....lots and lots of monsters!! It's that time of year again ParaFanatics and what better way to get into the Halloween season than by watching spooky movies?? But which ones to watch? Well, our guests have some suggestions. Returning to the show fresh off another year of multiple Rondo Awards, the 2017 Monster Kids of the Year.....Don & Vicki Smeraldi of Scary Monsters Magazine! The newest issue of SMM is chock full of Spooktacular goodness including articles on the 50th Anniversary of Night of the Living Dead, Don Post monster masks, Ben Cooper kids costumes, the Flatwoods monster, 200 years of Frankenstein and more and we dig into a whole bunch of it. So strap on your thin plastic creature mask and hope the single staple holds, grab your pillow sack and join us for some tricks n' treats......we're talking classic horror flicks this week on Paradelphia!