Paradelphia Radio: Christmas Spirits, Ep. 231

The holiday season is upon us and with it comes all the usual trappings of Christmas cheer like flashing lights, tinsel, jolly elves and ghosts. Wait..........what? Yes, ghost and specifically the telling of Christmas Eve ghost stories. This was a time honored tradition for many years prior to start of the 20th century. So what happened? Why are spooky things only talked about in October now? How did a famous author and his master work about the true meaning of Christmas as told by specters in the night save Christmas from becoming an afterthought during the Victorian era? This week we talk about the history of the lost art of telling Christmas ghost stories and give a few suggestions of some of the best for you to read around the Yule log next week. Happy Holidays and All the Best in 2019 from the Paradelphia Crew as we wrap up the year with some Christmas spirits!