Paradelphia Radio Ghosts in the Machine?, Ep. 135

Paradelphia Radio: Ghosts in the Machine?, Ep. 135

The "real world" is a term people have thrown around for decades. It refers to the literal, tangible environment we all live in during our everyday human existence. But what if the real world isn't actually real? What if the truth is we're living inside of an elaborate simulated environment created out of binary computer code? And what if we could change and mold our environment using only our thoughts and intentions? This week's guest Kent Forbes is an academic and a film maker and he's here to talk about his documentary called "The Simulation Hypothesis" in which he presents a compelling case for a simulated universe. Backed by real science and endorsed by the likes of Neil DeGrasse-Tyson and Elon Musk, the idea that we inhabit some version of "The Matrix" is now deemed not just possible, but probable. Also this week Doug discusses being hypnotized, Paranews includes stories of inter-dimensional mysteries (including a new song from the Beatles from an alternate universe), London's killer fog, and update on a pending head transplant and more!!

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