Paradelphia Radio: Greys Of Our Lives, Ep. 125

Paradelphia Radio: Greys Of Our Lives, Ep. 125

Thin, wispy bodies, oversized heads, huge black bug eyes…….little grey men have been a cliché in UFO lore, popularized in TV and film for decades dating back to the 1950’s. But for as much as they are a pop culture icon we know very little about their methods and, more importantly, their motivations. This week Jordan Hofer & David Barker, authors of “Little Grey Bastards: The Incessant Alien Presence” stop by to talk about their research into abduction cases, similarities across various UFO sightings worldwide, the possibility of an ongoing alien/human hybrid program, the potential downside to government disclosure and more in a wide ranging discussion. Paranews stories include a lost probe found again, an Alabama couple fights to keep their goat baby, the upside to bad mushroom trips and more!!

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