Paradelphia Radio: Legends of the Fall, Ep. 162

Paradelphia Radio: Legends of the Fall, Ep. 162


This week it’s a tale of two shows…….or at least two show topics. In the first hour Jean Durkin, Doug Hogate and Mellie DeVault trade stories and experiences they’ve each had at Golden Lane Antiques near Gettysburg, PA. Golden Lane is owned by Barry Strohm, who was himself a guest on our show back in March talking about his recent book called “Spirits Speak of Conspiracies and Mysteries”. Based on what the Crew members say Golden Lane Antiques could well be one of the most haunted locations in the Mid Atlantic region, possibly the country. Stories of glowing orbs responding to voice commands, images in mirrors, Class A EVP’s and more pepper the accounts of everyone who has been inside the highly active basement area of the location. With a joint Paradelphia/JUMPS investigation of Golden Lane only a few weeks away this is a topic you want to hear about! Then…….not to be outdone……..the second half of the show is dedicated to the legend and lore of the Titanic. Lost over 100 years ago, the “unsinkable” ship wasn’t nearly as flawless as advertised……or was that not actually the case? Mysteries, conspiracies and folklore have been built up over the decades and tonight we explore some of the more enduring myths still in circulation today.


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