Paradelphia Radio: Motel Hell, Ep. 129

Paradelphia Radio: Motel Hell, Ep. 129

Grab your pumpkin latte, pull on your comfy sweater and throw another log on the fire because another spooky season is upon us and that means your favorite paranormal radio show is out LIVE AND ON LOCATION!! This week we broadcast from the BATES MOTEL & HAUNTED HAYRIDE in Glens Mills, PA where you can explore a psycho house, get buried alive and be stalked through a corn field all in the same night. Our crew settled in among the folks at the party/concessions tent and regaled the masses with stories of overseas creepy clowns, life after death, Martian space brain disease, Jennabee played roving reporter and got the skinny on the scary at Bates Motel from some fine young folks in the crowd and more!!

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