Paradelphia Radio, Do You Mind? , Ep. 102

March 29, 2016

The Hair Club for Men. Studio 54. The Freemasons. For all of human history people have been obsessed with creating restricted member groups and then using an Us vs Them mentality to validate everything from world wars to high school popularity. But there is a group……a club, if you will…….that all of us belong to without even realizing it. A club where membership can mean the difference between being a revered pet and lunch, between being a disposable gadget and an indispensable daily life partner, between being thought of as a childish invisible friend and a god. Our guest this week, author and assistant professor at UNC-Chapel Hill Kurt Gray will be discussing his latest book called “The Mind Club” which explains how and why we ascribe a thinking mind to certain things and not others…….and how being a part of that club has wide ranging consequences for potential members. Paranews includes stories of proposed moon bases, UFO disclosure by the next president, psychic dogs and more!

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