Paradelphia Radio: Monster Mash, Ep. 121

Paradelphia Radio: Monster Mash, Ep. 121


Creatures from another world, 50 foot tall radioactive spiders, giant killer trees, vampires, werewolves and more…..from the 1930s through the 1970s the “monster movie” was a staple of American cinema. This week we talk with Don & Vicki Smeraldi, publishers of Scary Monsters Magazine, a throwback to yesteryear with stories highlighting every manner of rubber suited monstrosity to plod its way across the silver screen. Our wide ranging discussion touches on the origins of horror cinema during the Great Depression, the psychological aspect of Japanese kaiju films, how TV shows like Twilight Zone and Dark Shadows influenced 21st century fright flicks and more. Paranews includes stories of Russian ice creatures....a risqué take on the weekly horoscopes and what is simply one of the most amazing tales of enduring love and connection from the afterlife that you will ever hear from our own Mellie DeVault.



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