Paradelphia Radio: Oh, The Places You Will Go…., Ep. 136

Paradelphia Radio: Oh, The Places You Will Go…., Ep. 136

When you think of hypnosis do you automatically visualize a tall, thin, bearded magician in a long cape swinging a pocket watch? Well, this week’s guest, Barbara Angelo, Certified Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regression expert is here to separate fact from fiction when it comes to hypnosis, astral travel, and past lives. As a therapist at the Hypnosis Center of South Jersey in Mt. Laurel, NJ she has worked and trained with some of the best and brightest spiritual teachers in the country like Dr. Brian Weiss and NY Times best-selling author Dick Sutphen. Two weeks ago she also hypnotized Paradelphia co-host Doug Hogate and wait till you hear where he wound up!! Paranews this week includes another sighting of the Mothman in West Virginia, a possible door to another dimension in the South Jersey Pine Barrens and more!!

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