Paradelphia Radio: Rocket Man, Ep. 107

Paradelphia Radio: Rocket Man, Ep. 107


Who among us has grown up and not, at least in some way, dreamed of traveling to the stars? Our guest this week has done the next best thing. Author and former N.A.S.A. space shuttle engineer Darren Beyer drops by to talk about his first sci-fi/thriller Casimir Bridge and how real life events and real science play prominent roles in the plot line of his novel. Darren also discusses his time working for the iconic US government space agency, how N.A.S.A. insiders really view the search for extraterrestrial life, what private contractors like Elon Musk and his Space X program mean to the future of planetary exploration and more!! Paranews includes stories about the possibility of humans living to 1000 years old, mysterious disappearances in Vermont and new swallowable technology that just might save your life!!

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