Paradelphia Radio: Over Time, Ep. 104

Paradelphia Radio, Over Time, Ep. 104

We’re all familiar with the concept of time capsules. Burying a treasure trove of mementos representing the here and now so that some future version of us can dig it back up and literally touch the past. But what if WE could be the time capsule? Extending our lives so that we can be there to tell the tales of a time before and experience the wonders of a new age. This week author and regular contributor to the popular entertainment and pop culture website Uproxx Dariel Figueroa joins us to discuss his plan to do just that. Using the anticipated release of the mysterious Robert Rodriguez/John Malkovich movie “100 Years” in the year 2115 as his target, Dariel is turning himself into a health conscious human Guinea pig with the hope of living to a ripe old age of 132 and witnessing the event in person. Short of that, Figueroa is looking for answers about how he might ensure his return from beyond the grave so that even in death he can fulfill his goal of munching popcorn (ghost corn?) at the early 22nd century film premier. Also joining us this week to give his unique perspective on this project is local movie producer/director/writer Mario Cerrito. Paranews of the week includes stories of dumb laws, a hilarious fake zombie outbreak and more!!

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