Paradelphia Radio: Waking Nightmare, Ep. 147

Paradelphia Radio: Waking Nightmare, Ep. 147

Anyone who has ever had surgery has put their trust, sometimes their very lives, in the hands of a team of surgical professionals. This is always done with the assumption that we are in good hands and being treated by competent hospital staff working at the top of their game. But sometimes that trust is broken. Tonight we set aside the terror brought on by fear of phantoms and monsters as we focus on the all too real horror of patients who have woken up during surgery into a living nightmare. April Purcell is back with stories she has collected of people who have lived through this real life horror and we are also joined on the phone by Stacy from Michigan who tells her own story of this happening during complex abdominal surgery. Paranews includes stories of the robot dead, in honor of Valentine’s Day a story of one woman who held onto her lover’s heart…..literally, Doug gets a birthday greeting from someone famous and more!!

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