Paradelphia Radio: Prince and the Paper, Ep. 106

Paradelphia Radio: Prince and the Paper, Ep. 106

UFO’S, cryptid encounters, life after death, parallel dimensions. These topics are regularly discussed here on Paradelphia but not so much in the mainstream media. Why not? What is it about these “paranormal” topics that scares off the likes of network news shows, large city newspapers and well known newsmen & newswomen? This week we are joined by Brittany Wehner, journalist for the South Jersey Times who, along with our own Kelly Roncace, will add a behind the scenes perspective to a discussion about that very question. Also, we honor the legacy of the Prince who’s purple reign over the entertainment industry came to an abrupt end a few days ago with his untimely death. In addition to his vast catalog of music the iconic musician also left behind some interesting interview clips about his various brushes with the paranormal. Paranews includes stories of a maritime mystery in New Jersey, the possibility of human extinction in our lifetime, the consciousness of insects and more!!

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