Paradelphia Radio: Plot Plan, Ep. 151



This week our guest joins us at great personal risk. Jose Prendes, writer/director of “Unspeakable Horrors: The Plan 9 Conspiracy” is on the cusp of releasing his controversial documentary about the truth behind Ed Wood’s 1959 sci-fi classic “Plan 9 From Outer Space”. According to Jose and experts involved in the film “Plan 9” was about much more than some lighthearted drive-in movie fun. Apparently, director Wood knew about a pervasive alien presence on Earth and through carefully placed props and dialogue he desperately tried to warn us all. Also joining in the discussion are the gurus of the horror/sci-fi genre films of yesteryear Don and Vicki Smeraldi of Scary Monsters Magazine. SMM will be releasing back to back issues in the months of March and April (Monster Memories and Issue #104) and the dynamic duo take a few minutes to give us a preview of each issue (over 300 pages of monster goodness!!). Paranews includes a genius in space and young Paradelphia reporter in training Gavin reading his first news story about an unwanted nightly visitor. Rick gives an update on his recent animal communication channeling session (listen in next week for the full details!), the return of “the Ellies” and more!!




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