The Straight Shooters – Episode 47

This week, Nick and Vaughn discuss patriotic wrestling figures throughout history to begin the July 4th celebration weekend.

They then discuss Roman Reigns and whether keeping him in the Battleground main event even though he's been suspended is a good thing.

Brock Lesnar talked about fighting in UFC and not caring about what his WWE fans think or even what Stephanie McMahon thinks about him losing credibility if he loses at UFC 200.

They also discuss Dean Ambrose being referred to as "WWE Champion" and why having two World Titles hopefully isn't the direction WWE is going. They'll tell you why.

The NJPW G1 Climax blocks were announced this week, and the guys talk about the most grueling  tournament in professional wrestling today. It beginsMonday, July 18th.

Lots of different stuff this week, so press play!

Nick Piccone
Vaughn Johnson
Taylor Kredatus