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EP 178: Carson is Risen; Colts Predictions, and 3PAX

We turn the page on Tampa and now the season starts as Carson is Risen! Wentz returns to take on the Colts and preview the matchup on Sunday. Josh Gordon goes to NE and Jordan Matthews is back on the team. Will Howie make a move to bolster the WR core? Dave is coming hot...
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EP 177: Grading Gabe Kapler

The Phillies season is winding down and it's judgment day for the Phillies eccentric skipper. Mark Drumheller & Chris McGinnis dish out grades on his technical performance, player development, and culture. The red sharpie got a lot of work. Does Kapler survive? Matt Stafford & Kirk Cousins take on the infamous #QBKegstand. You like that! Don't miss...
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EP 175: Pulling Back the Steel Curtain

Football season is on its way!!! The biggest story in the NFL is the Steelers failing to beat the hapless Browns while their superstar running back holds out over a few million dollars. What is Bell's value? Should he be paid as a Running back or an "Elite Offensive Weapon?" We discuss how the franchise controls the...
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