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Make Shift Happen – Episode 52

🎶See you in September 🎶 It's our last show before Summer ⛱break and we'd ❤️to hear from you. Tune in to hear when the ☎️ lines will be open. Then call 1-856-457-8660 to shoot the...
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Make Shift Happen – Episode 51

There's a first time for everything, even for the author of Second Time Around: How to Date Your Right Man 📖, Patricia Fuqua, M.A. This will be her first time as our guest on Author Spotlight  Read more

Make Shift Happen – Episode 49

Please update this week's show page with the following verbiage and picture:
Author John Allen 📖and musician Baby Maurice 🎸 join the #ShiftChix for an episode of mystery🔎 and music 🎶
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