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Paradelphia Radio: Paranews Boys, Ep. 97

February 23, 2016 This week, due to some unexpected Paradelphia Crew member absences we postponed the review of the February Drive In movie of the month “Contamination” (still available for viewing on our website). Instead we put on our tinfoil hats and dove hip deep into the wild, wacky world of Paranews. Ever wondered how long...
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Paradelphia Radio – Wild One, Ep. 90

January 05, 2016 Paradelphia makes its debut on Wildfire Radio as show hosts Rick Prewitt, Doug Hogate, Jr and Jennabee Keen discuss how each first became interested in studying and investigating paranormal topics. Show regulars Mellie DeVault and Linda (Mama) Lopez chime in during open phone lines with their own haunted tales. Paranews includes stories of...
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