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Corner Pub Sports – Zach Berman, NFC Championship Rematch

The gang gather around the bar to talk about the Flyers blazing start to the season, the Sixers plans to try to eliminate social media among the team and the baseball playoffs. They talk to Zach Berman about the state of the Eagles as they face off against the Minnesota Vikings, Earl Thomas flips off...
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EP 166: Eagles Preseason, Fillin’ Up CBP, Wawa, & Summer TV

#WinningWednesday is in full swing and #Eagles football has a new ring to it! We kick around a few position battles to keep an eye on, salivate over Josh Sweat and the DL depth. Dave ups the ante on the Wentz bet with many Tequila bottles in the balance. Dez Bryant dismisses the Browns but...
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EP 162: No Machado, No Kawhi, Whatever….

#WinningWednesday returns with a vengeance after the hometown #Phillies and #Sixers fail in their attempt to close the deal with superstars Manny Machado and Kawhi Leonard as the big lights of Los Angeles wins again. What do the #Phillies need to do to make a playoff push? Can they still lure #BryceHarper or #MannyMachado away...
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