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4th and Go – Episode 115

That's my cornerback!! Roseman pushes all the chips in for the 2017 season and has us Eagles fans in a frenzy. We dissect the Darby deal and comb through the positives & negatives. We officially declare Dallas DOA after Zeke's suspension. Nola & Hoskins has us talkin baseball and we come out swinging with the...
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Real Estate Matters Episode 68

Chuck Insalaco & Georgette Kyriacou were joined with Sefi Silverstein of Wilkin & Guttenplan, P.C. They discussed strategies that can defer taxable gains when selling investment real estate and the benefits of using a 1031 exchange....
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Shoetooth – Episode 50

Shoetooth First Take on Phillies #1 Prospect Rhys Hoskins and the Formation of the Future Championship Lineup, Eagles Defense 5-Sack Performance Featuring Derek Barnett, Including In-Depth Coverage of Preseason Premiere Green Bay Matchup, and Spotlight on Thursday Night Buffalo Bills Battle....
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