Taking it deep with Thee Godfrey – Episode 96

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Taking it in deep sports and your mom.

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Game of Thrones Curtis must Watch by Thursday

Drove Uber had GOT on for passengers am I the Goat of Uber drivers?

Hot take on people posting about not watching game of thrones.

Cos Play and Blackface is never appropriate but is the context important?

LIL Flip throwing shade at an old head. Is TI an old head

Would you pay see a Hologram of performing act.

Lady calls cops on Roomba

Mueller Time again ?

Eagles 2019 schedule released  

Hot take on strength of schedule and predicting wins.

Sixers game 3 tonight game  1 and 2 reactions.

Are fans expectations of the sixers out of whack?

Hot take on Brett Brown does he really effect the game?

Is Joel Emdid a dirty player

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Take it Deep.

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