The Madness – Episode 62

So after a win in London and a trade for Golden Tate, Rob Langi and Jessi Towne were back to normal on this week's episode of The Madness. Discussing the big win over Jacksonville, and what the new WR brings to the Eagles, Rob and Jess tackled the idea of just what can the Eagles accomplish this season and if repeating can happen!

As far as the rest of the NFL, we find out what the team learned from week 8 and some bold second half of the season predictions, plus some game predictions in week 9.
Feeling as though they haven't discussed them enough, Rob and Jess talked about the early thoughts on this years Sixers squad, including Markelle Fultz, Coach Brett Brown, and Rob's POSITIVE comments on Robert Covington.
All that plus "This is Madness" so tune in, subscribe and, as always, EMBRACE THE MADNESS!!