The Public John – Episode 1

“John Harris’ “The Public John” debut Podcast and FB Live show suffered some technical difficulties, but John was able to talk to good friends Andy Julia from TV, Radio and documentary film,  and Urban Comedy Legend Dave-D. We had fun as Andy navigates the FB Live feed, and with Dave and John “crack wise” on the state of the show, as well as each other. Also, Andy let us in on an interesting personal hygiene “quirk” he has, and Dave tells us about his 1st year of married life, and what he’ll do if it fails! And the fellas tell us about upcoming “exciting events” for them and Jerzee Comedy. The 1st show is rough from a technical standpoint, but the guys had fun getting through it.  And I thank Andy and Dave for being there for the cerry-popping of “The Public John” . If nothing else it was fun.”