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On “The Public John” Comedian John Harris, who generally doesn’t like humans, goes outside his :comfort zone to talk to people. Nothing is off limits., as John talks about and lampoons anything and everyone he wants to. Or if he’s feeling nice, which is rare, he may visit a local business to see what they’re all about, But his hope is he can interact with humans as little as possible. Be ready for sarcasm at it’s finest. It’s John’s Show, so maybe, just maybe, it’ll be fun to watch the train wreck. Like NASCAR, he’s gonna go as fast as he can, then, go left, then go fast again. And probably crash. And who doesn’t want to listen or watch that?


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  • The Public John – Episode 1
    by admin on October 10, 2018 at 12:08 AM

    “John Harris’ “The Public John” debut Podcast and FB Live show suffered some technical difficulties, but John was able to talk to good friends Andy Julia from TV, Radio and documentary film,  and Urban Comedy Legend Dave-D. We had fun as Andy navigates the FB Live feed, and with Dave and John “crack wise” on the state of the show, Continue Reading The post The Public John – Episode 1 appeared first on Wildfire Radio. […]